Why Finding Airport Parking In Melbourne Can be Difficult

Driving to Melbourne airport doesn’t have to be difficult or frustrating – and as long as you make sure to have your tank fueled, it should not take you very long to reach the destination. But once you’re here, your next concern is going to be parking your car, as most lots will likely be already taken. Airports are typically full of people, especially since planes are constantly taking off and landing. Even with hundreds of parking lots provided by the airport, there’s a very good chance that very few or none of them will be available anymore when you arrive. After minutes of driving around in an attempt to identify and claim a parking lot that appears to be empty, you end up parking your car outside of the airport, or in a special lot that will charge you extra cash – definitely not the most appealing perspective.

Truth be told, finding car parking is never easy, especially if we’re talking about a first-come first-served basis. However, this problem is a lot more complex than it might seem at the first glance, and that’s what makes it frustrating.

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to go to a restaurant that offers free parking – that’s an extraordinary perspective since you won’t be required to pay anything more than the food you’re going to eat. When you arrive, you find all of the parking lots already taken, which invariably forces you to park your car somewhere else. Unfortunately, off-site parking comes with a price, meaning that even if you initially didn’t have to, you’ll still have to pay either a specific rate per hour, which can go anywhere between $2 and $6, or a fixed rate for the entire evening – i.e. $10, or even more. Not to mention that you might be denied access to the parking lot, or you might be required to pay extra fees if you don’t book one 24 or 48 hours before.

There’s a good chance that the parking service you’ve talked to doesn’t rent parking lots per hour or per evening, but for 24 hours, or even longer. It’s needless to mention that this is going to cost you a lot more than if you were to pay for one or two hours only, and you can expect to spend up to $100 on a one-day rental. At the end of your night out, you’ll eventually find yourself more frustrated, and less willing to feel good.

Some of you might be interested in renting an airport parking lot for a few weeks or months if they’re traveling to another city or country with their car. Depending on where you rent the parking lot, you might need to pay less than $400 for a one-month rental, or more than $500. As a matter of fact, renting a park lot in downtown New York for a month costs about $533, or about $405 in Boston. That’s cheaper than if you were to rent a parking lot every day of the one-month period, as most parking areas can go beyond $34 per day, which equals more than $1,000 at the end of the month.

Having a back plan is a good idea when it comes to parking. Before you decide to go to a specific restaurant, call and ask more about their parking fees and policies. If you’re planning on traveling, and need to get to the airport by car, be sure to arrive 30-40 minutes earlier so you’ll have enough time to look for a parking lot, or ask about the cost of renting a special one for one or two hours. If you’re going to need a parking lot in a city or state different than that where you live in, book one a few days before arriving, and make sure to look for any money-saving opportunity.

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